These Dall Sheep Hunts are in the Alaska Range. I just turned 49 and I still love to sheep hunt,.. although it does hurt a little more than it used to.These are back pack hunts, One man tents and a lot of walking. Full curl rams will be anywhere from 33” to 40 plus inches. The largest I’ve taken in this area is 42 ½”.  An average size of Dall Shhep for this area is around 36”. Typically I will tell you what size the sheep is and the client decides if it’s one they want. In 2011 I took 1 sheep hunter and we got a 34 ½” broomed ram. Success rates on this Alaska Dall Hunt is 75 to 80%. The weather being a major factor in unsuccessful hunts. Alaska Dall Sheep Hunting is a hunt of a lifetime.

Come Hunt Alaska Dall Sheep with us!
... and I promise you one thing I will give 110% effort to ensure your Alaskan Dall Sheep Hunt is a memorable one. 

A light flat shooting rifle is good for this hunt. Keep in mind that it can get windy in the mountains. At 300 yards a 150 grain bullet can drift quite a ways. Know what to expect from your bullets.

Alaska Dall Sheep Hunting Guide, Dall Sheep Hunts in Alaska with Professional Sheep Hunting Guide.



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The largest I’ve taken in this area is 42 ½”. An average size for this area is around 36”. Typically I will tell you...
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